Android Apps

Here's a list of my favourite Android Apps

This page was created: 20200204

Security & Privacy


The paid versions are much better.
If you don't like to pay for quality I suggest you create your own apps.

Terminal Programs & SSH

Remember, if an SSH client doesn't ask you to verify the hostkey fingerprint the first time you connect to a server, then the client is insecure.


If you have Tasker + Tasker App Factory + Termux:Tasker + Termux, then you can have an App that runs a bash script (i.e. with SSH operations)!

Network & Wi-Fi Analysis

Instant Messaging

These apps are the "least unsafe" methods of chatting on your smartphone

File Manager

If your Android lacks a file manager, or if you need another file manager, or if you need to control which apps open which file formats

Media Players


I think gaming on Android is really dull (compared to consoles). But if you must game on Android, here are the few games I like.

These games were "OK"

Learn Mandarin (Chinese)

Here are some great apps to learn Mandarin. If you upgrade (pay) they get even better!